Education & Experience


DIVIDI will support education by offering post-graduate fellowships and graduate internships for emerging professionals that share our exemplary practice and excellence values. These positions will have a speciality in technical art history and technical imaging.

Through our interdisciplinary network, fellows and interns will gain hands-on experience in technical image acquisition and data processing, as well as the interpretation and publication of those results.

Fellows and interns – which might have a background in restoration, art history and/or science – will study the obtained technical images and artworks to present a detailed report on the findings and digital documentation.

Research outcomes are maintained on the DIVIDI Foundation website, subject to partners permission. The website grants access to information and images in a standardized and systematic format, developed by fellows of the foundation in accordance with academic norms. Further, fellows and interns will work in close collaboration with skilled and experienced conservators at Studio Redivivus.

DIVIDI will seek to organize conferences, symposia and expert meetings in the area of art research and technical imaging.